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January 2013

Calcutta journey continues..

November 27
We met PC's friend from Darj. days. Even though I have heard my sister talk about Legjin over the years, I think the last time I met her was in Darj. when I was 7 or 8. Ever since she's read my book, she's been very supportive in trying to promote my book. She took us to lunch at her favorite Bengali restaurant called Kewpie's. We met the owner, Rakhi, who ordered for us. The food was delicious. We met her husband who is Director for the School of Media and Journalism at the Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship & Development in Tangra. After hearing that I had recently published a memoir of Chinese internment, he invited me to give a talk to his students at the Institute. We set a time for Nov. 29 as we were leaving town the following day.

Journey in Kolkata continues...

November 26
We looked for the shoe shop run by Kwai Li's nephew. She had suggested we do that if we had time. We did find John Hing's shoe shop and met her nephew. We also had his wife's dumplings, which Kwai Li described as "the best in town". They were indeed delicious!

book Journey continues in Kolkata...

November 25
On the introduction of Hsieh Ming Tung we went to the Sunflower Beauty Salon to meet his sister-in-law, Patsy, and to have a haircut. PC had a massage while I had a haircut. Patsy's sister who is married to Hsieh Ming Tung once worked for my mum at her beauty shop in Darjeeling which was located above Park Restaurant. Small world!

That afternoon PC and I met Paul Chung, President of the Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare and Development. I had met him online in September so it was a pleasure to meet him in person. He gave us his perspective on living in India now as an ethnic Chinese. He and his organization as well as others, like myself, are seeking for an official apology from the government of India for the wrongs they had inflicted on the Chinese in the aftermath of the border war of 1962.

Arriving India

Arrived Kolkata on November 22. We were picked up by Pu-Chin's friend, Ramesh. They put us in a guest house not too far from them, comfortable, twin beds with our own bathroom. It came with breakfast every morning with tea, toast and omelet. It was a good stay, like being in someone's home. Also very affordable. Since Krishna, PC's classmate from Loreto, just had a hip replacement we spend most of the days visiting her in their house.
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