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No Apology Made — a mis-translation!

It has been brought to my attention in the past few days by people who actually attended Rita Chowdhury's book launch on May 12 in Delhi, that there was NO apology made by the Home Minister. 

The article written in the May 15 issue of the Times of India got it wrong! What the Home Minister actually said was: "I feel sorry for those Chinese Indian people, who were separated from their families and were tortured, harassed, looted and who became homeless. They had already been assimilated to the Indian society when they had to face that unfortunate state of affairs.

Assamese woman wants to meet her Chinese parents

Dr Payal Banerjee's Talk at Stanford yesterday

It was an amazing day! The night before, Joy Ma emailed me a link which was forwarded to her by a friend, about Dr Payal Banerjee from Smith College, MA, speaking at Stanford. The topic was: The Chinese in Post-1962 India: Internment, Nationalism, and the Embodied Imprints of State Action. It was the first time that anyone outside the Internee/Chinese Indian community was going to talk about the internment. We both, decided to attend. I took Noel, Nikki and Alice Tam with me. 
We arrived early and had the fortune to have a conversation with Dr Banerjee.

Voices of Deoli

Some of you recently have asked if I have a blog so that they could get updates of any news in connection with Chinese Indians. So, I decided to do reinstate my blog. Many of you have read my book, “Doing Time with Nehru,” and others have heard me talk about ethnic Chinese living on the border being interned as a result of the India-China Border War of 1962. The war lasted one month but the camp was kept opened for five years. 

While it has been easier to bury those memories and stay silent, after fifty years some of us feel that we are finally able talk about it.

Voices of Deoli

There's a lecture tomorrow at Stanford U. at noon about the India-China Border War of 1962; how the Chinese Indians lving in Indiai were affected, including internment. I believe it may the first of its kind here in the U.S. 
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