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Voices of Deoli

The Beginning of a Journey for a New Memoir Writer

The Journey Continues..

Noel, Pu-Chin and I are leaving tomorrow for a school reunion in Burma and Thailand. After that, PC and I continue on to India. I will keep you posted of my continued journey. It's been fascinating and moving as I meet new people and listen to their stories as they listen to mine. Have I "opened pandora's box?"

A Private Book Reading

I was the guest speaker in a private home on November 3. Many of the hostess' friends were from India. A few attended Loreto Convent in Darjeeling or in Calcutta. None knew of the Chinese internment in India in 1962 and all were fascinated and interested in the history. During the Q&A, one lady who had attended LCD a few before me told me she remembered my mother as a tall, elegant and gracious lady. It is heartfelt to hear this from a total stranger.

An Italian Connection

I had a book order from someone in Italy on October 30. She told me that she was a student of the university of Rome "La Sapenza", and was going to get her degree in "Oriental language and culture". She chose Dhapa chinatown as the subject of her thesis.  She is interested in finding out about the repercussions of the 1962 Border War on Dhapa Chinatown. This is fascinating. We hope to reconnect after she reads my book.

Meeting a Fellow Internee

Kwai Li introduced me to Joy Ma who lives in San Mateo. I had invited Joy to the book launch but it was real short notice and she couldn't make it. We did, however, arrange to meet in Berkeley. She told me she was actually born in the camp, long after Bobby and I had already left. We had an intense, emotional meeting. She bought two books, one for herself and mum, and the other for her brother. 

Later that evening, she emailed me with an amazing story. She told me that her mum immediately went through the book and recognized my father. She said she remembered his kindness and generosity. When Joy was born he came to see her mum at the hospital and brought her a basket of fruit he had ordered from Calcutta. This has come full circle!! It was very moving.

Meeting with another writer

I had a meeting with Kwai Li, a Canadian author of "The Last Dragon Dance" a story about being Chinese and growing up in Calcutta in the 1950's. Nikki and I met her in San Francisco and it was the first time talked to another Chinese about the 1962 Internment. She did her Masters thesis on an oral history of the Deoli Internment Camp. She had interviewed four internees. It was a wonderful meeting. We promised to stay in touch.
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