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Reviews, Comments and Feedback

George — You describe a culture and a historical period I knew nothing about. I admire your writing, too. Your telling use of details and numerous dramatic anecdotes bring the whole thing to life. One other thing struck often in memoirs of childhood the author's voice is that of a grown person who reflects on what happened from an adult's point of view. You, on the other hand, mostly report what occurred through the eyes and ears of the child you were. That feature gives the whole book a ring of authenticity — the real story as it happened.

Anna — Yin, you were such a feisty 13 year old and your family went through so much during this little known war between India and China. Your memoir is fascinating and emotional reading for all, and would be great for middle and high school students too.

Rob —We found your narrative to be very, very interesting and..had to chuckle now and then at the feisty little kid who emerged now and then to challenge the status quo and authority in general. Great stuff....Didn't know anything about the mistreatment of the Chinese in India either and serves to remind us how our relationships with other members of our human family can be hijacked by fear, politics and those with a bigger stick and the sad reality is that it goes on today and will tomorrow and continue for lots of tomorrows to come.

L. Tshering — Yin, so far what I have read has touched me very deeply. I congratulate you as an author on your writing and above all I empathize with the young girl who went through so much personal suffering and came out on top - because what I can't help remarking on is there is no evidence of bitterness in you. I admire you for it.

I was also impressed by the Foreward written by your daughter - what a lovely tribute to her mother!

Martie — We're the same age but we've had such different lives. It's not that one was better than the other, just different. It was fascinating reading your story!

Ruth — I am reading your book for the 4th time. There is so much in it that needs to be taken in and thought over. I also lent it to the neighbor who has been helping me a lot since I cannot drive. She was overcome.

Bob — I want more.

Marty — I loved your book!

Ikuko — Your writing is beautiful and the family history is very intriguing…the book impresses me as a love story of your family rather than pointing out the stupidity of Indian government…

Deborah — I want more.

Kay — My only criticism is that it's too short. I want more...

Tina — I finished your book over the week-end and thought it was very good. I learned a lot and also thought you were a very brave 13 year old. Congratulations on a job well done!

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